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Hey, Girl!

Let's talk. How's your self-esteem? Before you answer that, I challenge you to REALLY think about that question in depth. Often times, we think our self-esteem is intact... and maybe it is... MAYBE. But for some, we KNOW that it's not where it could be. We're so hard on ourselves. What I mean by that is, not only are we provoking positive changes within ourselves (because that in itself is GREAT!), but we sometimes beat ourselves up for past mistakes, or have negative conversations with ourselves convincing ourselves that we are "unworthy" of being treated a certain way, having certain things, etc.


SELF ESTEEM IS BIG! There are so many parts to many components in building and/or rebuilding it. It gets deep!


You may desire to make some sort of emotional or mental progression but sometimes the only thing that's stopping you from moving forward in your daily progress is you. If you've ever found yourself dealing with unexplained emotions, feeling drained consistently, becoming irritated at "small" things and etc., you may be dealing with some unhealed, or undiagnosed trauma or underlining past hurt. Here's the thing, the problem isn't necessarily the things that were just mentioned, the major problem is that you continue with the same lifestyle cycles, engaging with the same toxic people, partaking in the same toxic behaviors, making the same choices and expecting different results. What are you doing different that will make a permanent and positive change in your life? How are you participating in your own healing journey? Are you even willing to admit that sometimes YOU are the problem? True healing takes place when we become aware of the foul behaviors and survival tactics that we have adopted in order to self-medicate. If you've ever been traumatized or abused in any way, then I am almost certain you can relate to what you've read so far. One of my assignments on this earth is to help people (who want it) truly heal and grow from past hurt, pain and severe emotional trauma. God gave me the unction to put together an event that would allow us to join with one another, be poured into, laugh, cry, and whatever else we need to do to start or continue our healing journeys! So, you are cordially invited to The "Secrets of Self Esteem" Luncheon. I can Guarantee that your life will be FOREVER CHANGED if you make this step to come!

*Due to particular topics and certain subject matters, all attendees MUST BE 18 years of age or older.

-Miesha Keaton Stoglin

Host & Visionary

Secrets of Self Esteem Luncheon
Secrets of Self Esteem Luncheon
May 06, 2023, 4:00 PM
Dwell 247
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